Jade Along the Way


I attended a Truah trip guided by Breaking the Silence to Hebron. Hebron is a complex city to say the least. Part of it is a large, Palestinian city, the … Continue reading

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Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State: Tiyul to Acco with JTS and Zeigler

Today, we call Israel a ‘Jewish and Democratic State’. Does this really work? Can Israel be both Jewish and Democratic? Is it possible for Israel to be a homeland for … Continue reading

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Listening to the Adult Children of Intermarriage: What Jews With One Jewish Parent Need and Want From the Jewish Community

“A Portrait of Jewish Americans,” the recently published study by the Pew Research Center, which found a 71% intermarriage rate among non-Orthodox American Jews and an increase of the segment … Continue reading

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Israel Seminar in Yaffo: Coexistance

Today we spent the day learning about Jewish-Arab/Muslim relations in Yaffo and ways in which Reform Judaism is relevant to this narrative and to Tel Aviv and Yaffo as Israel’s … Continue reading

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The Temple Mount: One of the Most Contested Religious Sites in the World

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Merry Christmas

In between final exams Dan, Julie B and I traveled to Bethlehem for Christmas. Before our departure, we walked around the Christian quarter of the Old City. We walked through … Continue reading

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Budapest Day 2

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Budapest Day 1

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A Storm of Extraordinary Proportions


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Hanukkah in Israel

First night Fifth night Seventh night Eighth night

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Marzipan Mafeh Ne’eman Roladin Happy Thanksgivukka!

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South Tiyul

This past weekend my class went on a Tiyul to the south of Israel. On our way down we took a tour of the area, including Ber Sheva, and Sderot … Continue reading

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Israel Seminar: Hareidi Society in Israel

As part of Israel Seminar we have a unit on Hareidi society in Israel. Hareidi is defined by Wikipedia as “the most theologically conservative stream of Orthodox Judaism. Its members … Continue reading

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A Week with Honored Guests: Rabbi David Ellenson, Rabbi Aaron Panken and the HUC Board of Govenors Visit Jerusalem

This was an extremely busy week with so many distinguished guests around campus, in our classes, and at many special events. My week began on Sunday going out to a … Continue reading

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LIVE BLOG: Women of the Wall marks 25th anniversary at Kotel

8:15 A.M.: Women of the wall are about to start their monthly prayer service at the Western Wall. Despite projections to the contrary, relatively few ultra-Orthodox seminary girls have shown … Continue reading

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Happy Chag-O-Ween!!

Ghost Cake Pops Ingredients: 1 box of cake mix, follow the directions on the box to bake 100 grams of butter 200 grams of powdered sugar 1 tsp vanilla 1 … Continue reading

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Night Run: Tel Aviv

A few of my classmates ran in the Tel Aviv Night Run among the approximately 20,000 participants. It was a 10k and I went was a small group of other … Continue reading

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Shabbat in Tsfat

Last weekend I went with Dan to stay with his cousins in Tsfat. We left early Friday morning to have plenty of time to work through the insanity that is … Continue reading

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El HaLev

Established in 2003, El Halev is a non-profit organization that effect social change through empowering women of all ages and reducing violence against women, teens, children, seniors and people with … Continue reading

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